Driving Directions with Map

How to find your way from the International airport to the Howler House. Please click on the photo to enlarge.

 Here is a PDF file of Howler House directions with map for easy printing: DRIVING DIRECTIONS FROM THE AIRPORT TO THE HOWLER HOUSE

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Step by step driving directions:

    • Turn left onto the Northern Highway from the airport road.
    • You will see a store called SKY CITY directly across from the turn out. Good idea to stop and get your supplies on the way to the house. Don’t forget sugar for your coffee and butter for your toast! You can get everything you need or want at Sky City
    • You will arrive at the Burrell Boom Cut Off after 20 mins. of driving – Watch for a big radio tower on your left, and then turn left at the sign.
    • About 7 – 10 miles down a flat curving road you will come to a bridge over the river – turn right immediately after the bridge.
    • Driving along the river you will pass the Black Orchid resort on your right – keep going
    • You will come to the Methodist Primary School – it is a green and white building with classrooms in a u-shape on your left.
    • There is a dirt road immediately to the right, just past the school – turn right.
    • You will pass a big orange building with parking lot – a new grocery and beer store, and car wash on your right.
    • About 1000 feet down the road, you come to a dirt cross road – jog a little to your right, and you will see a grassy drive way to your left – that is the driveway to the Howler House.
    • You will see a bright Papaya coloured house with some green trim on your right, this is Miss Erlene’s house.
    • Erlene is the house manager and she is your contact for any problems and questions.
    • About 500 feet down the drive way is a big white gate – oppps, Hurrican Earl took the white gate – sorry ….keep going.
    • At the bottom of the drive way you will see a yellow house, up on stilts – that is my land partner’s house: Val
    • Before you get to the house, you will see a wooden bridge with parking spot on your left. Please park there. The boardwalk to the house is right in front of you. If you are arriving after dark, you will NEED flashlight!
    • The walk is about 1000 feet, you cross the crocodile pond on the way. Don’t fall in!
    • The Internet connection is howlerhouse and there is no password.
    • There is a guest book in the house with more information

    There is a cell phone in the house for your use – if it runs out of minutes, you can ‘top it up’ at Miss Lisa’s store – just give her the number and 10 bucks!

    • ENJOY!


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